Pay local with a simple tap

Bitcoin transactions as Satoshis over the Lightning Network enables fast and cheap payments. Papersats helps anybody quickly and easily when it comes to daily use.

You can send sats contactless and manage your papersats wallet online.

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Building the stack

The stack is completely open source. Started with a local Lightning Node and connecting it over VPS - VPN to the clearnet. Using lnbits as wallet accounting system and managing Boltcard NFC Tags.

The motivation is to keep the setup simple and transparent for agents, traders and users. Get inspired by the layers and find your use case.


Hosting the stuff




Network Daemon


Wallet accounting

Manage papersats with Alby!

The main feature of papersats is a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet. Scratch of the security sticker on the back and import the wallet with LNDHUB for example in the Alby Wallet Browser Extension for Desktop use.

Use papersats anywhere

Local bakery

Pay your buns with a tip from papersats wallet

With a papersats wallet you can pay your local bakery at the point of sale with no hustle.

Coffee shop

There is no need for a smartphone when you got papersats

Think about many situations where you wish that you can pay an invoice without any network connection. Device independent payment, refill and balance check.

Fruit market

pay just around the corner for fresh food

cashless is hygienic. no need to handle metal coins.

Events and Clubs

Win / Win situation for visitors and organizer

cashless payment 24/7