Cashless micropayment for anyone!

A pice of paper that carry Bitcoin on the Lightning Network for offline payment with a tap. It stores all the information on QR code and NFC Tag stickers that's needed to manage. Its a digital wallet with an analog backup.

Cash is dirty, heavy and hard to settle up. With papersats cash gets superfluous when it comes to local micropayment.

Receive your invoices with the Bolt Card PoS App!

Easy as it can be: Install the iOS or Android app. Scan your LNDHUB QR from your papersats wallet backside. Therfore scratch of the security sticker on the back!

Then you are ready to receive contactless payments for any other boltcard to your papersats wallet!

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Pay any Lightning QR invoice with your Bolt Card!

With this simple app, you can scan any invoice with your phone, tap your BoltCard on your phone, to pay Peer-2-Peer, from your node to receiver node.

BoltCard Tools Terminal is the bridge between QR Code invoices and your papersats wallet!

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Fast micropayment over the counter

The LIGHTNING POS Terminal and our service are designed to make handling as easy as possible, allowing you to fully focus on your business.

Fast and easy usage for you, your employees and for shure your customers!

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Benefits for merchants!

With a papersats wallet you are good to go when it comes to micropayment in the wild


Papersats are more secure than cash as they cannot be stolen and there is no risk of losing them.


Customers can track exactly where they spent money on and traders can easier track and account payments.

Webshop Login

Because papersats can be imported on an digital device, they can be used to Login an a webshop to deliver them special features after authentication.

Clean and Hygienic

Cash can contain dirt and germs that can spread to others. By using papersats you can avoid this risk.